Our Story

Technology and quality

crafted by men

We can be your partner.
We tailormade services and solutions for our customer thanks to our technology and the great experience of the men who have always forged metals.

A business between two worlds

We are the perfect mix of Eastern production and Western vision

Karbotek is a medium-sized turkish family company with decades of experience in the production of high-precision spare parts which designs and develops its strategy together with its European partners.

Our Main Sectors

Karbotek works quite differently from other Turkish-based companies because since it was founded it has adopted an international vision thanks to partnerships with European design and distribution companies.
We produce in accordance with all the quality standards required in our main sectors and this has allowed us to conceive, design and manufacture the high-quality spare parts that you can find... in almost all parts!


We offer a variety of individual castings, built from your design or our own casting model paying attention to the optimal price and performance ratio.


We produce both cold and hot forged parts. Depending on requirements, raw or machined forged parts are produced... even highly complex forgings.


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts


We help our customer in design development, ensuring the feasibility of the project and suggesting engeneering amendments suitable for the foundry mass production.


We define or improve your market approach strategy (commercial policy, range of products and services) fot both West and East countries

Quality Control

We produce and deliver the products with higher technological properties and higher quality thanks to our "double check" quality policy (production / storage)

Quality of Life & Environment First

Our choices to save


We have chosen to join the "Environmental Management System" voluntarily, in awareness of society, its customers, and the environment.
Not to harm the environment and human health during production, to use resources at the highest level of efficiency, to keep these methods used in parallel with technological developments, and to keep the damage to the environment at the lowest level.

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