Engineering plastics and high performance plastics are our main business. Engineering plastics have a whole array of benefits to offer, and in many cases can effectively replace metals or ceramics. Moreover, engineered plastic components often provide the only alternative when it comes to the implementation of unusual technical applications – which makes them a true pacemaker for innovation in every key of industry.

Karbotek has a wide variety of engineering plastic and thermoplastic polymers, which possess better mechanical and/or thermal properties than the more widely used standard plastics such as polystyrene, PVC and Polyethylene.
In comparison to widely used commodity plastics for packaging as PE, PP, PVC, engineering plastics are chosen in case of higher requirements in mechanical strength or thermal resistance, but are not as sophisticated and expensive as high temperature plastics.

Material blends and modifications permit product characteristics to be optimised across a broad range to suit different applications. Engineering plastics consequently cover a wide spectrum of different properties.
Karbotek plastics can be used permanently at temperatures between 100°C and 150°C. In general, this product group is also referred to as technical thermoplastics.

Engineering plastics offer:
+ Good mechanical characteristics
+ Excellent machinability and dimensional stability
+ Good chemical resistance
+ Good wear resistance


Radial Bearings
Rotor Vanes
Metal Components for pump
Rotor Shafts


Household Appliance