The Food and Beverage Industry is large, diverse, and full of specialized machinery. It’s one of the oldest industries on the planet, but still full of innovation. From new products to higher-volume, lower-cost production techniques, this industry is always looking for new ways to produce the food consumers want at the best possible price. And vital equipment is there every step of the way. From simple ovens and conveyor belts to complex bottling and packaging machines, the food and beverage industry depends on equipment for industrial-scale food production.

The food and beverage processing industry employs a variety of pump types for various processing applications. Some of the pump types most often used in the industry include:

Air-operated double diaphragm
Peristaltic hose
Progressing cavity
Reciprocating positive displacement
Rotary lobe
Rotary piston

In light of the wide selection of pumps available, choosing the right one for a food and beverage processing application is critical and requires careful consideration of the different pump types and their properties. Among these considerations are the specific processing challenges related to the handling of each food or beverage type.


Mechanical Components
Mechanical Seals
Rotor Vanes
Thrust Bearing


Carbon-Graphite Resin Impregned
Ceramic (AI203)