Air conditioning usually implies that mechanical cooling is required, necessitating the provision of refrigeration systems. The cooling coils in the air conditioning plant may be supplied with either refrigerant or chilled water. Whichever is appropriate, the design of the refrigeration system requires detailed consideration if it is to match the air conditioning demands for cooling and achieve energy-efficient operation. At the same time, some of the heating requirements can be met using heat rejected by the refrigeration systems, or the system may be used purely for heating, as in a heat pump.

A heat pump is a device that can provide heating, cooling and hot water for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Any heat pump installation can provide heating and cooling in parallel. Depending on which service is used predominantly, the machine is called a heat pump, an air-conditioning unit, or a cooling/refrigeration machine.

Heat pumps transform energy from the air, ground and water to useful heat. This transformation is done via the refrigerant cycle.


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