Carbon/Graphite and Graphite Materials are inherently porous after the material processing. It is common to impregnate these materials with a Resin or Metal to:
Increase the Strength, Increase the Thermal Conductivity, Reduce the Resistivity, Reduce the Porosity, and/or Impart Impermeability.

Certain impregnants such as Babbitt (particularly Leaded Babbitt), Silver, and Antimony improve the friction and wear characteristics of the Carbon/Graphite or Graphite Component. While this beneficiation may be actual, we have not seen this effect in laboratory testing.

Antimony is uniquely efficient at reducing porosity in Carbon/Graphite and Graphite materials. Metals such as antimony, silver, copper, nickel, and babbitt can improve the strength, thermal conductivity, and tribological characteristics of the materials. Antimony, Cupper, as well as Babbitt metal are usually applied as the impregnation agent with the same purpose as resins.

The difference is, with metal-impregnation, the material is able to handle higher temperature and higher pressure applications.


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