Aluminum oxide or alumina is the ceramic oxide of aluminum (chemical formula Al2O3). It is widely used in the industrial field due to its high resistance to corrosion by acids, high thermal conductivity and poor electrical conductivity.
It also has excellent biocompatibility as it does not present the phenomenon of rejection in contact with biological tissues.

Aluminum oxide ceramics is very hard and resistant to wear, providing high compressive strength even in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.Alumina is also an excellent electrical insulator and gas tight.

Typical Alumina property include:
+ Good strength and stiffness
+ Good hardness and wear resistance
+ Good corrosion resistance
+ Good thermal stability
+ Excellent dielectric properties (from DC to GHz frequencies)
+ Low dielectric constantù


Metal Components for pump
Rotor Shaft
Radial Bearings
Thrust Bearings


Water Technologies
Household Appliance
Food & Beverage